Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home’s HVAC System In Texas


Temperatures can be particularly unforgiving in Texas. To stay comfortable, you need a reliable air conditioning system throughout the season. However, like any other system, your HVAC system has a lifespan. When it reaches this lifespan, the systems will let you know. Regardless of how well you maintain it, replacing the HVAC unit is inevitable. HVAC repair can quickly become too expensive, and a replacement may seem the best option. At Medley, we recommend upgrading your HVAC system if it’s nearing its lifespan. Some of the signs that it’s time to upgrade your home’s HVAC system in Texas include:

Your Utility Bill Keeps Going Up

The first sign that you need to upgrade your HVAC system is an increase in energy bills. If your bills are rising steadily during the summer months, your HVAC system could be overworking. While the efficiency of your system will decrease over time, dirt build-up, corrosion, and normal wear and tear can affect efficiency. However, before you replace it, you may want to speak to our technicians to conduct thorough air conditioning maintenance and repair. During our inspection, we can determine whether you need a new system or not.

The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Your circuit breaker can trip frequently due to overloading or if it’s faulty. Over time, the system may get clogged with dirt and debris, which will gradually affect its efficiency. If this problem is not solved, it forces the system to overwork to heat the home. As a result, the wires can overheat, causing the breaker to trip. By this time, your heating and air conditioning system may need thorough repair, which can be costly. In this case, your technician may recommend installing a new one.

Unusual Noises From The HVAC System

If your system is making noises you’ve never heard before, you could have a serious HVAC problem. The noises could be from an overworking motor, loose or worn-out parts, or cracked or broken components. Loud rattling, clanking, or banging sounds can be dangerous. Turn off the unit and call your HVAC technician immediately.

Uneven Temperatures In Your Home

Whether you have a ducted or ductless air conditioning system in your home, uneven temperatures signal something wrong with cool or warm air transfer. That means some rooms will be sweltering while others will feel colder. Sometimes, all that you need to restore even temperatures is duct cleaning. If cleaning doesn’t work, your technician may recommend ductwork replacement or a new system.

The System Keeps Breaking Down

If you’re using too much money on costly HVAC repairs, you should start thinking about a new system. An older system will require repairs and may end up breaking down in the middle of summer or winter, which can be frustrating and uncomfortable.  A system that requires constant maintenance may also cause your energy bills to go up, adding to the extra costs.

Let Us Help You Save Money And Enjoy Some Peace And Comfort

Don’t let your HVAC system frustrate you during this hot Texas weather. Medley can help you choose a system that will serve your home for many years and help install it for you. Feel free to contact us for a replacement quote or any other HVAC service.