Lucky Medley Advice: Don’t Rely On Luck To Maintain Your HVAC System


Top-o-the-mornin’ to ya, Carrollton, TX! Is your HVAC system ready to switch from heating to cooling, and is your indoor air quality ready to filter all of the airborne particulates it can to keep you breathing the healthiest air inside your home? March is a month that has us whistling “Oh Danny Boy”, looking for four-leaf clovers, and doubling down on our Frosted Lucky Charms intake, but we at Medley Home Services know, it’s regular maintenance and a selection of the best IAQ solutions that are the true pots-o-gold at the rainbow’s end. Call or click to schedule an HVAC tune-up and indoor air quality assessment before temperatures really rise at (972) 449-4834 And in addition, enjoy this list of some good luck charms from around the world (a little extra luck is always a good idea) and may the road rise to meet ya!

Tumi Axe, Peru

The national symbol of Peru, the tumi (meaning: “knife”) is an ornate axe once used in the Pre-Inca cultures for religious sacrifices, ancient surgeries, as kitchen knives, agricultural tools, and to help predict the future. Most feature an elaborate handle with a human face identified as Naylamp, a mythological Lambayeque God, and may be decorated with semiprecious stones. Modern Peruvians consider the tumi a good luck charm, hanging them on their walls, carrying them as keychains and wearing them as jewelry. Take a look at some great examples, here.

Worry Dolls, Guatemala

There are few things that set us up to feel lucky (and to create our own luck) as well as a good night’s sleep! Worry has no place in our lives (even though we all experience it.) Guatemalan worry dolls are created to alleviate and listen to our worries, like tiny little psychologists, in order to help us fall asleep. While children are often the recipients, traditionally worry dolls can be given to anyone with mild anxieties, or who really needs to ensure a good night’s sleep. How To Use: Hold the doll, and tell it your troubles. They’ll absorb them and deal with them so you don’y have to. Keep in mind, it’s believed by some that each doll can manage only one trouble at a time. Make sure you have enough dolls for all the worries on your mind.

Horseshoe, United States

The horseshoe is a symbol of luck with which most Americans are familiar, but can also be found in Islamic art and Egyptian iconography. In fact, horseshoes are one of the oldest symbols of luck on record. Some believed horseshoes were lucky because mischievous fairies couldn’t stand the touch of iron, and horseshoes were traditionally made of iron. Another legend has to do with a blacksmith named Saint Dunstan (circa 988 A.D.) who the devil asked to shoe his horse. Dunstan nailed a horseshoe to the devil’s foot instead and told him he’d remove it only if he promised to stay away from any house with a horseshoe on the door.

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