Medley Family Plan

Medley Family Plan 

Maintaining the heating and cooling systems in your home is extremely important, that’s why The Medley Family Plan is the best way to make sure your home stays safe and comfortable all year round! 

Members Enjoy These Benefits

Exclusive Discounts

  • 10% discount on all repairs
  • $49 service fee vs $89 for non-members
  • NO OVERTIME rates for nights and weekends*

Drastically Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns

  • Up to 80% of breakdowns can be prevented
  • Clean equipment breaks less often

Reduce Your Utility Bills

  • Clean equipment costs less money to operate

Complete System Rejuvenation*

  • An expert technician will inspect, clean, adjust, lubricate and make recommendations about your system to help ensure it operates at peak condition
  • Two preventive maintenances per year.* Your system will be tuned up once before Summer and once before Winter to ensure you stay comfortable all year long

*Does not include filters or UV lamps

Maximize the Life of Your System

  • Proper operation allows the system to function as intended, avoiding premature aging and replacement

Keeps Your Equipment Warranty Valid

  • Your system’s warranty becomes voided without proper maintenance as stated in your manufacturer’s installation manual

Disclaimer: Please note this is a recurring charge and will be deducted from the card on either a monthly or annual basis based upon your selected choice. 

Please note cancelling an agreement will result in any discounted savings applied to any invoices during the covered period (12 months) to be reversed. 

1 inch air filters may be provided to at time of service however 4 inch air filters and media air cleaners must either be provided by the client or purchased separately.

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  • 5 Star Service
  • Transparent Pricing
  • On Time
  • Integrity
  • Experts
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