What Size AC Unit Do I Need In Texas?


They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s definitely true of our summer heat. If you’re looking for a new air conditioner installation in the Carrollton, TX area, there are two things you need to know. One is that your installer matters, which is why you should call Medley Services first. The other? Size matters, too. If your air conditioning system isn’t sized properly, that can cost you long-term in more ways than one. Getting the sizing right is a challenge, which brings us back to our first point: it’s extremely important to get the right Texas air conditioning contractor!

Factors To Consider When Sizing Your AC System

When you’re trying to properly size a new air conditioner installation, what do you need to consider? More than you may realize.

  • Climate: A region like the DFW metro, which has high summer temperatures for extended periods of time, requires a more robust system than you’d need further north in Minnesota or Wyoming, where summers are shorter and milder.
  • Architecture: An older home, with baseboard or radiant heat, smaller total square footage, and lower ceilings, will cool differently than a newer structure with an open plan, high ceilings, and existing ductwork.
  • Types of Conditioned Spaces: Maybe your garage doesn’t have air conditioning, but you’d like it to so you can add a workshop or hold band practices; maybe your basement is wasted space. Unconventional spaces have needs of their own.
  • Age and Insulation: Older buildings can have thermal breaks that let indoor and outdoor air mingle, making heating and cooling alike a challenge. The age and insulation of your home will make a difference in the kind and size of your system.
  • Insolation: This is a term for the amount of inbound sunlight in your home. The larger your windows, the higher the degree of insolation, but awnings and energy-efficient glazing make a difference here as well.

Which Air Conditioner Is Right For Your Texas Home?

So as you’ve gathered, there’s a lot that goes into sizing. But we’re not even done yet, because it’s time to choose your air conditioner!

Why Many Homeowners Choose American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard has been keeping homeowners comfortable since 1875. Their outdoor air conditioners and package units are technologically advanced, engineered for longevity and reliability. And because of the number of products they offer, there’s a solution for nearly every situation, from a ductless split system for a garage, mobile home, or small outbuilding, to robust outdoor units that can handle today’s larger homes. The team at Medley Services will help to match you to the right solution—mixing and matching where necessary—so you’ve got reliable home cooling comfort for the long term.

How Air Conditioning Is Sized Right

Once you’ve chosen your type of American Standard air conditioner, how do we go about sizing your system? If you’ve ever bought an air conditioner, you’ve seen two numbers advertised prominently. One is the unit’s BTU rating, and the other is the square footage the unit is supposedly rated to cool. That’s not the right way to size central air conditioning. We don’t use your existing unit as a guide either, since it may not have been sized right in the first place, and also because it doesn’t account for the effects of time, weather, and additions to your home.

So what’s the solution? Proper sizing uses what’s called a Manual J Load calculation, a formula established by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). Rather than winging it, or simply using square footage, this calculation accounts for architecture, the volume of your conditioned spaces, insolation (inbound sunlight), insulation, zoning, and more. It’s complex, but it’s worth it.

Why Choose Medley Services For Air Conditioning Installation?

If all of this seems complex, there’s a good reason for that: it is. And with both your comfort and your finances on the line, it’s important to get it right down to the last detail. Our experience and skill, our air conditioning finance options, and the fact that we are certified American Standard dealers will put your mind at ease and protect your investment, so reach out to Medley Services for air conditioning installation today!