Celebrating Texans: A Love Letter From Medley


Happy Spring, Texas! (We’re lookin’ at you, Carrollton, Coppel, Lewisville, Farmers Branch, Plano, Flower Mound, Allen, Highland Village and Frisco.) It’s us again, Medley, your number one source for HVAC, furnace tune-ups, duct cleaning, insulation, and IAQ (indoor air quality) solutions in the Dallas area! Last month was a rough one, y’all. A lot of Texans were profoundly impacted by the severe storms and power-outages that swept our great state. But you know how we Texans roll. Countless charities, non-profits and faith-based organizations (in other words- people) came together to help one another. And you know what? We couldn’t be prouder of the people in this state we call home. We’re bouncing back, making repairs (need us? We’re here. www.callmedley.com) and taking precautions for the future. What exactly makes us Texans so resilient? Well, it’s a lot of things, really. It’s part of our very character!

We’re Historically Resilient

Maybe you recall hearing Ernie Butler, owner of the popular Corpus Christi restaurant Snoopy’s Pier, and his quote while surmising the Hurricane Harvey ravaged rubble of his restaurant’s back deck. He told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, “Aw, this ain’t nothing. Just needs a little work and some electricity and we’ll be back in business.” And they were! (gotta love that fried shrimp.) We have a whole host of resilient folks on the pages of our history books (Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and William Travis come to mind), and we continue making history now.

We Care About Each Other

We all learned in grade school, Texas means “friend” in the the traditional language of the Caddo Nation. In fact, “Friendship” is our state motto! We’re legendarily hardy, and we support each other with just as much voracity. Whether it’s our manners, “Ma’am”, or our “Y’all come back now” and other such turns of phrases, or our willingness to hold doors, help change a flat, or give expert directions, you better believe that common courtesy runs through us like the Rio Grande, or a longhorn through a china shop.

We’re Independent and Feisty

From March 2, 1836 to February 1846 Texas was the Republic of Texas. That’s right, Texas was our own country! Stephen F. Austin was our founder, the “Father of Texas”, and Sam Houston our first president. Many families have been here for hundreds of years and this wild and free spirit has been passed down through generations. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “If you want something to happen, just tell a Texan it can’t be done.” Which begs the natural next action, “Git ‘er done.” We don’t wait for anyone to “save” us.

So, keep up the good work, Texas. We know you don’t need to hear it, but you’re crushing the game. It hasn’t been an easy few weeks (or year), but we know you’d still tip your hat, utter a friendly “Howdy”, and help a fellow human in need. You’re Texas!

Medley’s here to support you and help you get your house in order. Make sure your systems are running smoothly, and that your IAQ is the healthiest it can be, by giving us a call at (972) 449-4834, or visit our website at www.callmedley.com to schedule a visit! Yee Haw, and here’s to Spring!