Virtually Outside In Carrollton, TX: Medley’s Suggestions For Online Events “About Town”!


You know Medley for many things: HVAC services, furnace tune-ups, duct cleaning, insulation, and IAQ (indoor air quality) solutions, but have you ever thought of us as your personal Dallas-area digital event concierge? Support artists, teachers, and small businesses online during these chilly times, while staying warm by the furnace! Here are some fun events happening soon at a computer screen near you.

Vegetable Seed Starting
No need to worry whether your thumb is green. The (virtually) hands-on demonstrations and information shared in this webinar will take the guess work out of the garden! Many people began planting food over the past year. The gratification that comes with self-reliance, and the relaxing ritual of getting your hands in the soil can have far reaching benefits to your well-being. In this online class you’ll be introduced to countless vegetable seed varieties, learn the basics of organic, sustainable seed starting, and gain insight into the right timing, materials, and intel you need to grow and care for your little seedlings. Cost-effective and rewarding on so many levels, seed-starting is surprisingly easy. At the end of this session you’ll be ready to raise seedlings of your own for planting in your garden.

3/5 (on-going)
First Friday Sound Baths

Does your spirit feel like it needs a bath? We’ve all been through a lot over the past year. While we all have ways to attend to our emotional and mental health (some healthier than others), a “sound bath”, music played on singing bowls and gongs and other resonant instruments, is a nice way to immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of music. Join Brooklyn Music School’s Music Therapy Department for a “cleansing, relaxing, and reflective sound bath experience” on the first Friday of every month, and emerge feeling cleansed, rested and renewed.

Edible Plants for Emergencies

Building on the knowledge you may have picked up at the Vegetable Seed Starting webinar, with a little bit of “prepper” energy thrown in for good measure, this workshop focuses on edible, widely-available wild and cultivated plants, nutrient-dense “weeds”, and fast-growing annual plants that ensure a quick and abundant harvest. After 2020, we got a clearer glimpse into the fragility of our food system, and the Boy Scout Motto, “Always Be Prepared” is closer to the forefront of our awareness than before. Luckily, “growing your own” is not just practical, it’s also fun. This online workshop focuses on plants that are particularly useful in the context of emergencies. It covers solutions for limited spaces, urban and rural contexts, and helps deepen your connection to nature. If you’re seeking a diverse, long-term strategy for your food security, check out this webinar!

National Geographic Traveller UK Presents: Mountains, Moonshine and Barbe-cue

Sometimes we’re the most unfamiliar with the treasures in our own backyard. See your own “beautiful for spacious skies” through the eyes of the folks at Travel Geeks and National Geographic UK, where a panel of expert guests will be discussing all things North Carolina. From its fascinating heritage of Cherokee Indians, Bluebeard, and the growth of the Civil Rights Movement, to its bluegrass music, beer scene and sea turtles, the panel will discuss North Carolina’s culinary contributions, natural places to hike, camp and fish, and of course, moonshine! You’ll feel like you took a vacation during your staycation. You’ll hear from the experts as well have the opportunity to join in the lively debate.

We hope these suggestions inspired you! We at Medley are here to support you. If your furnace needs a mid-Winter tune-up or you want to make sure your IAQ is the healthiest it can be, give us a call at (972) 449-4834 or visit our website at to schedule a visit!