Can Your HOA Impact Your HVAC?


According to the Foundation for Community Association Research*, there are 355,000 home owner’s associations, or HOAs, from coast to coast, with 74.1 million residents among them. The fact that the Foundation doesn’t have “HOA” anywhere in its name, and avoids it in much of their literature, is telling; many who live in HOA-affiliated properties report frustration with the endless rules, fines, and petty politics. However, if you belong to an HOA, you’ll still have to deal with them when it comes to HVAC installation in Texas, as well as any indoor air quality concerns you may have.

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Who’s Responsible For HVAC Installations And Maintenance?

HOA rules, their responsibilities for upkeep, and your rights will be determined by the agreement currently in force with the HOA. Because HOAs concern themselves mostly with common areas, their responsibilities and the kinds of restrictions they impose will vary based on the type of home you own.

Attached Homes

HOAs treat HVAC installations in condominiums, Co-Ops, and townhomes differently than a detached home. Here, the common areas will consist not only of exterior walls and certain interior spaces (like entryways and hallways), but also of shared infrastructure. Rather than individual boilers, air conditioning units, and hot water heaters for each dwelling unit, these services are likely to be centralized and shared between multiple units. HVAC repair in common areas (generally, items like the condenser) are the HOA’s responsibility, while items inside the unit (like the air handler, and furnace repair) are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Detached Homes

Common areas for a home are a bit different. While you’re theoretically on your own for air conditioning repairs and installations, you can still be fined for those, too, if they’re not up to the HOA’s appearance and noise standards. One general exception is damage to outdoor units caused by neglect or misconduct on the HOA’s part.

HOA HVAC Requirements And Restrictions

Many HOAs act as a law unto themselves. Step out of line and you can be fined for any number of things. Window AC units are often forbidden, and everything from ductless split systems to central air conditioning installations are governed by rules for noise, appearance, and location.

Read Your HOA Contract

A quick Google search can guide you to any number of HOA horror stories. Since you’re probably not eager to join those ranks, we suggest reading your HOA contract prior to engaging an HVAC company for repairs, installations, maintenance, or even duct cleaning; this is one instance in which it’s better to ask permission than forgiveness, because the fines are steep, and add up quickly. When in doubt, get clarification — in writing — from your HOA.

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If your HOA contract and contact with the HOA confirm that you’re on the hook for repairs or installation, that can actually be good news; for once, you’re in control. When that happens, get in touch with Medley for installation services, for HVAC maintenance agreements that take care of the essentials affordably, and for 24/7 emergency HVAC service that’s guaranteed to be faster and more responsive than your HOA. Call us today!