A Tribute To Cozy: Beyond Furnace Tune-Ups


Okay fine, we’ll admit it. When it comes to giving thanks this season, your HVAC system, a tuned-up furnace and high-quality home insulation might not be the first things you think to add to your “gratitude journal”, but clean IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), staying cool in the summer, and toasty in the winter, actually create the backdrop for some of of life’s greatest pleasures. All of us at here at Medley are thankful for you, our customers, for trusting us with your HVAC systems all year long! You know you can call us for all of your Home Insulation, HVAC and IAQ needs. In the meantime we thought it would be fun to celebrate the the start of the season-of- cozy, with a list of some things that make us feel cozy (besides a purring furnace!) Nestle in.

A Good Playlist

Music transports us to different, often more carefree times. In this case, let’s look for it to take us to cozier ones. Whether it’s the pensive strums of acoustic guitar, the crackling fire that is the voice of James Taylor, or even some Disco (Are sweaty dance floors considered cozy?), compile a list of songs that make you feel safe and/or like dancing, even if it’s in your mind’s eye while wrapped up in a blankie.

Comfort Foods

Many of us may be dealing with “a little extra” around the middle these days. We humans tend to eat when we’re stressed or overwhelmed. But, comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. When thinking about old-fashioned favorites, consider whether they could be considered “functional foods”, that is, any food that brings some nutritional value. For instance, the potatoes in mashed potatoes contain a whole lot of Vitamin C, B-6 and Potassium! Ice Cream contains Calcium. Okay, maybe we’re grasping here, but either way, don’t stress! Stress releases cortisol which contributes to belly fat, which contributes to other issues. Just relax and treat yourself, knowing that’s sometimes the healthiest comfort we can gift ourselves. And, if you’re on a diet, there are plenty of comforting foods that really do tick all the right boxes!


Bunnies, Minions, flamingos, Dearfoams, marabou slides, knitted, fuzzy, furry. Need we go on?

Childhood Specials

Tis the Season for the Peanuts, Burl Ives, and all the Misfit Toys. Grab a bowl of popcorn (loaded with fiber) and get cozy with the innocence of childhood TV favorites. Bonus “cozy points” for inviting your kids, grandkids or four legged friends to the watch-party.


Maybe it’s the flame (or even the illusion of a flame, as in “flameless candles”), or the scents  (cinnamon, pumpkin, pine, vanilla or birthday cake) but whatever the reason, candles bring a cozy vibe wherever they may burn (or pretend to burn.) And, as in the case of birthday cake, no nutritional justification is necessary!

We hope this list has inspired you to stay cozy, friends. Medley is so grateful to be able to continue serving your cooling, heating, and IAQ needs throughout the year. Please call us if you need anything at (972) 449-4834, or visit our website: www.medleyservice.com