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HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” but Medley Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing stands for much more than that! Our team of experts offers highly skilled HVAC services in Grapevine and beyond to ensure that your home’s heating and cooling system is working reliably.

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Air Conditioning Service

It’s warm year ‘round in Grapevine — we’ve even seen temperatures in the 90s during the dead of winter — which is why we’re always on call for air conditioner installation in Grapevine. Of course, your system will still need TLC after installation, so keep us on speed dial for air conditioner repairs and maintenance, too!

Heating Services

It doesn’t often go below freezing in Grapevine, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get cold in the wintertime. We’re here to ensure the autumn and winter are just as comfortable as the summertime, offering home heating tune-ups and repairs in Grapevine, as well as a home heating installation that can replace an older system that’s too small for a renovated space, or that’s just lost some of its efficiency over time.

Indoor Air Quality

You may take pride in a clean house, but the air you’re breathing might still be dirty. That’s why our indoor air quality solutions cover simple essentials like duct cleaning, plus more extensive solutions like air purification and filtration. It’s important to stay healthy as well as comfortable, after all.

Attic Insulation

If you’re like us, your parents probably told you a hundred times that they weren’t paying to heat or cool the outdoors. Dad was right. You’ll want good attic insulation installation in Grapevine so you’re only paying to condition your indoor spaces.

When Do You Need Professional HVAC Service In Grapevine, TX?

Unlike fixing a leaky faucet or changing a light bulb, HVAC repair isn’t simple common sense or a matter of watching a few YouTube videos. Mistakes can be costly, so it’s better to call a professional first. We work quickly, and you’ll save money by not having the job done twice.

Signs Of HVAC Problems In Your Home Or Business

  • Your furnace shouldn’t cool your home, and your AC shouldn’t heat it; if they do, call us.
  • If your system turns on and won’t turn off, or if it short-cycles, call for repairs.
  • A strange smell from your vents or ducts is never a good sign.
  • Paying more on energy maybe your HVAC system and not necessarily your utility company; call us if you see your bills climbing out of proportion to rate increases.
  • Repairs are occasionally necessary, but if you find those costs are adding up, we can help you determine whether you should replace your AC, furnace, or ductless split system.

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