Lewisville’s Favorite HVAC Company


Even though it wasn’t formally incorporated until 1925, Lewisville, TX has a history that’s as long as Texas itself. These days, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the state and a key part of the DFW Metroplex. Home to Railroad Park, the MCL Grand Theater, and a great school system, it has a lot to offer its residents. Medley is proud to offer home heating and cooling in Lewisville, TX as your one-stop HVAC company. 

HVAC Installation And Repair In Lewisville

HVAC is technically “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” but Medley Services offers a lot more than that to Lewisville homeowners.

Air Conditioning Service

Average highs in Lewiston don’t get much below 80 degrees from May to much of October, but the city’s seen highs of 90 or above in each of the twelve months. So it’s a good idea to call us for air conditioner installation in Lewisville and to take advantage of our air conditioner repairs and maintenance so your system always runs its best regardless of its age.

Heating Services

Winter lows generally hover just above freezing, but we’ve seen extremes here too. The temperature doesn’t need to go into the negative numbers for homeowners to be thankful for their furnaces. So give us a call when you need home heating tune-ups and repairs, and remember we’re here for home heating installation too if you’re renovating or just replacing an aged and inefficient system.

Indoor Air Quality

It’s not much help keeping a clean house if the air you breathe is filthy. When you need indoor air quality solutions, we’re on hand with duct cleaning, air filtration, air purification, and more. We’re here to help you stay comfortable—and healthy!

Attic Insulation

No matter whether you’re heating or cooling, you want to condition the interior—not the outdoors. Attic insulation ensures you save money by keeping your home sealed uptight.

Signs Of HVAC Problems In Your Home Or Business

If your furnace or AC doesn’t turn on, you know to call us. What about the rest of the time? Well, your HVAC system will let you know when it’s time to get in touch.

  • Call us if your furnace is blowing cool air or if your AC is heating your home
  • If you notice short-cycling, or if your system just turns on and won’t turn off, get in touch
  • If the air coming from your vents or ducts smells odd, that’s a problem
  • Climbing energy bills aren’t always the utility’s fault; it could be your system
  • Repeated repairs and lost efficiency result in costs that add up fast; we’ll help you determine if it’s time for a new system

When Do You Need Professional HVAC Service In Lewisville, TX?

We Texans pride ourselves on self-sufficiency. But HVAC repairs aren’t the kind of thing you want to do on a wing and a prayer. Call a professional and have it done right the first time. Your time and safety are worth it, and it’s cheaper than having to have something done twice.

Why Lewisville Homeowners Choose Medley

Why else do Lewisville homeowners choose Medley?

  • We know heating and cooling
  • We get to know our customers
  • We guarantee on-time service
  • You’ll always get our technicians’ best, with the expertise and integrity you deserve
  • Nobody else offers the Medley Family Plan
  • We’re proud to work with the training and products of American Standard
  • We offer home improvement financing from Synchrony Bank that keeps our products and services affordable

Questions? HVAC emergency? Call us today—any time of day!